Seeing Australia On A Budget

When I left university, I spent six months travelling the world. It was a blast, but I realised when I came back home, I hadn't actually seen much of my home country. Funds were low, but I wanted to explore Australia, so I planned an itinerary that allowed me to experience the main tourist attractions on a shoestring budget. I started this blog to showcase the beautiful places Australia has to offer, such as the Blue Mountains and Great Barrier Reef, and share my tips for travelling in Australia when you have a tight budget. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and find it useful.

Two unusual ways to explore your holiday destination

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If you're heading off on a holiday soon, you will probably want to see as much of the local area as possible. Here are two alternatives to exploring your chosen destination by foot.

By hot air balloon

If your chosen holiday destination is known for its beautiful scenery, then you might want to consider taking a hot air balloon ride during your visit. Floating more than a thousand feet above the ground will provide you with spectacular views of the area in which you are travelling. You'll get a birds' eye view of any historical buildings, forests and other attractions in the town or city you are visiting.

Hot air balloons are extremely safe and as such, even if you're slightly afraid of heights, this is a wonderful way to explore a new place. They can only be operated by licensed pilots who have the qualifications and the experience to handle this type of transportation safely.

If you do decide to book a ride in a hot air balloon, make sure to check the weather forecast for the day you intend to fly. Ideally, you should opt for a day on which no strong winds, snow or heavy rain showers are expected. This is important, as your ride may be cancelled on the day if the weather conditions are not suitable; if this happens, it could put a bit of dampener on your holiday.

On the day of your ride, make sure to bring along several layers of outwear, as it can feel quite chilly inside the basket due to the high altitudes. You may also want to pack a camera to capture the amazing views and perhaps a small picnic lunch to share with your travel companions.

By boat

If your holiday destination features several rivers or canals, it might be a good idea to explore it by boat. Most towns and cities that feature canals or rivers have at least one boating company which provides tours of the local area.

Travelling by boat is a very peaceful way to explore a new place; as such, it's the ideal option if you don't particularly enjoy the hectic, claustrophobic feeling of walking for hours on streets filled with hoards of other tourists.

The boat operator will also usually serve as a tour guide, meaning that you'll get to learn all about your chosen holiday destination, whilst sitting comfortably and enjoying the views.

If you opt for this mode of transport, you should pack plenty of sunscreen, a jacket and a compact umbrella, as most boats used for day tours do not offer much in the way of shelter to protect you from the elements.


18 September 2017