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When I left university, I spent six months travelling the world. It was a blast, but I realised when I came back home, I hadn't actually seen much of my home country. Funds were low, but I wanted to explore Australia, so I planned an itinerary that allowed me to experience the main tourist attractions on a shoestring budget. I started this blog to showcase the beautiful places Australia has to offer, such as the Blue Mountains and Great Barrier Reef, and share my tips for travelling in Australia when you have a tight budget. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and find it useful.

3 Options for a Wonderful Winery Tour

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Have you ever enjoyed the particular pleasures of a local winery tour? You might have some sensational producers right in your backyard, and yet maybe you haven't taken the time to explore what's on offer. It can feel like an elegant affair, to gather together a group of friends and go from winery to winery, sampling a glass of wine or two… or three or four. Yes, chances are that while on a winery tour you will find yourself to be somewhat over the legal limit for driving, so you will need to make the necessary arrangements to get around safely while having a good time. You have a few options to go about this.

1. The DIY Option

If you've only assembled a small group, the total DIY option becomes very straightforward. Rent a van or minibus and arrange for a designated driver. This lucky person will need to be rather patient and organised since they will be driving you and your friends around for the best part of the day, while abstaining from alcohol themselves. With such a small group, it's probably unnecessary to call ahead to the various wineries to make an appointment, since your group can easily be accommodated as walk-ins. All you need to do is to check the operating hours of your intended stops so that you don't accidentally visit on a day when they're closed.

2. A Self-Guided Tour

With a larger group, it's better to use a charter bus hire company. There will be a number of buses to choose from, with the option of a driver (unless you have a designated driver with a licence that allows them to drive the intended vehicle). You should check to see that the bus company has a liquor licence that permits the consumption of alcohol on the bus. This is not necessarily a deal breaker, and yet some of your group might want to continue sampling their purchases while on the bus. It's a good idea to call ahead to your intended wineries to enquire about any group discounts.

3. An Organised Tour

This is arguably the most straightforward option—to simply join a prearranged tour. It's probably the most cost-effective option if there are just a few of you (too few to justify the hiring of a vehicle). The only major downside is that you need to stick to a predetermined schedule, so look to see what's on offer to find the most appealing tour.

Whichever option you go with, you and your friends are going to have a wonderful, memorable day. Just try to keep some of that amazing wine to drink at home.


21 June 2017